The Return of DUMBBURGER!

After the pandemic, as society crumbled, it seemed the world broke apart. The people had become as scattered nomads wandered the forsaken wasteland seeking not only to survive, but also seeking truth! For the tribes of man had lost their way in the darkness reverting to mere animals searching for shelter from an inhospitable world that had turned against them. Food, warmth, and compassion were hard to come by and as a people we had become isolated and despairing.

But some refused to give up. Some still tended a tiny spark of hope in their hearts with a determined resiliency that defied all trauma that they had faced. Some still sought out higher truths. More noble inclinations of the soul. Some refused to be swallowed up by the ever yawning pit of despair into which their fellows fell.

Hardened, yet hopeful these grim survivors searched the world over for a beacon of hope. A sign that the light still lived somewhere in the inky blackness of a post-apocalyptic earth. Led on by rumors and legends of a guiding principal that established order within chaos. A font of truth which would cast away the shadows of doubt and despair. A source of knowledge and wisdom that could restore mankind to it’s former glory and reignite all the aspirations of a once hopeful people!

Through the heat and the cold they searched. Hunted by thieves, desperate bands of roving bandits, and CHUDs they persistently combed every corner of the world. Moving through a land of desolation and destitution until one day they found it.


A forgotten institution of truth that cut through the fog of hopelessness. A compendium of forgotten understanding. A lexicon of compassion.

Long thought lost and not seen in the waking world in years upon years, Dumbburger dawned upon a new age of man. A bright torch ignited on the horizon of deepest night. Drawing the lost, hopeless and weary to it’s call with a message of strength, righteousness and purpose. Dumbburger reappeared to serve as a beacon of all that was good in a world that had turned it’s back on humanity.

Across the planet a flame had been sparked that could not be extinguished. A message that spread from joyous mouth to eager ear. Women once more kissed their children. Dogs and cats got back to living together. And men once more contented themselves televised sports.

DUMBBURGER had returned!


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